Chinese Drama: Immortal Samsara (Cheng Yi,Yang Zi)

Chinese Drama: Immortal Samsara (Cheng Yi,Yang Zi)

Title: Immortal Samsara / Agarwood Like Crumbs

Chinese Title: 沉香如屑 / Chen Xiang Ru Xie

Broadcast Website: Youku

Broadcast Date: 20 July 2022

Genre: Historical, Romance, Xianxia

Language: Mandarin

Episodes: 40

Director: Guo Hu, Ren Haitao

Production Company: H&R Century Pictures

Producer: Gao Xinjie

Origin: China

Source: Adapted from the novel Eaglewood Crumbs by Su Mo

Costume Design: Chen Gufang


A story about the entanglements between the heroine Yan Dan, Ying Yuan Jun (Tang Zhou) and Yu Mo. Yan Dan was an immortal willing to sacrifice everything for the man she loved, yet gained nothing in return. When they meet again, she is a demon and he is a demon hunter.

By chance, Tang Zhou, an upright and courageous young man, encounters Yan Dan  and her friend Yu Mo. The three become travel companions. They explore the secret realm to join in the fight against evil forces. It is there that Tang Zhou and Yan Dan accidentally retrieve their lost memories. Tang Zhou was the emperor bound by the rules of heaven. He cannot have feelings of love because he can only be devoted to protecting the realms. Yan Dan was a lotus fairy with the power to heal. Their past is complicated and painstaking. If everything returns to what it was before and the incense is lit again, would you have a change of heart?


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