Drama Review: A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College (Zhao Lusi and Xu Kaicheng)

Drama Review: A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College (Zhao Lusi and Xu Kaicheng)

Fans have been talking about “A female student arrives at the imperial College” and unfortunately for me, I didn’t have time to watch the drama when it was trending because I was watching other dramas. Today let’s look at “A female student arrives at the imperial College” starring Zhao Lusi and Xu KaiCheng.

First Impressions.

First things first, is Zhao Lusi a natural talent or is she a natural talent? (Complement) My first impressions will of course start with her because she is totally unavoidable. Back to the drama, the drama gave a positive impression and I connected with the characters fast. The storyline was easy to understand and the drama started at the right pace. I’m very much familiar with both Xu KaiCheng and Zhao Lusi, I’ve watched some of their dramas and I’m still impressed by their acting skills.

Before we go to the full review, let’s clear out a little misunderstanding. There’s Xu Kai and Xu KaiCheng, they are not the same person, don’t confuse them. Most people often confuse the two just like Li Yitong and Liu Yitong.


Sang Qi aims to fulfil her late brother’s dream of her joining the imperial College and proving that women are also worthy. She happens to make a bet and it leads to her troubling the Deputy Chief of the imperial College. With her being in college, some information related to her brother’s death is revealed.

The Good.

1. Great Storyline.

I just loved the storyline because it also focused on empowering women. Sang Qi didn’t just focus on herself but also wanted to change the way society looked at women and she kinda reminds me of Xie Xiaoman from Time flies and you’re here.

2. No dragging.

This drama only takes 30 episodes, so it’s obvious that they’ll just avoid adding unnecessary scenes and plots.

3. Martial Art Choreography.

One thing that makes Historical dramas awesome, is martial art. I enjoyed the fighting scenes a lot even though they didn’t focus much on them.

4. Great Cast.

Credits to everyone who was involved in the drama, without them the drama would obviously not exist. They did their best and gave high quality performance.

The Bad.

1. Opening Theme Song.

I have this habit of paying attention to the music, especially lyrics and the mood of the song. The opening song of this drama wasn’t fitting for a historical/costume drama, it felt too modern even though the lyrics matched with the main theme of the drama. It reminded me of “Fake Princess”, it also had songs that were too modern for a historical/costume drama.

2. Misleading Synopsis.

The synopsis of the drama says “Sang Qi went to the imperial College because of a bet she made” but that’s not true. Before the bet, Sang Qi was already on her way to joining the imperial College (Not a spoiler).

3. Emperor’s Voice.

I don’t know about those who watched the drama but the Emperor’s voice wasn’t suitable, I prefer his original voice from The Eternal Love, Song of Youth and even Couple of Mirrors.


I believe I’ve said all I can about this drama, I’ll ruin things if I continue with the review. I’d definitely recommend this drama to anyone especially those who love dramas with happy endings.



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