Chinese Drama: Win the Future (Aloys Chen Kun, Xin Zhilei, Zhang Youhao, Lu Zhong)

Chinese Drama: Win the Future (Aloys Chen Kun, Xin Zhilei, Zhang Youhao, Lu Zhong)

Title: Win the Future

Chinese Title: 输赢 / Shu Ying

Broadcast Network: Beijing TV, Zhejiang TV

Broadcast Website: iQIYI, Tencent, Youku

Broadcast Date: December 21, 2021

Genre: Business, Modern

Language: Mandarin

Episodes: 40

Director: Zhang Li

Production Company: Zhejiang Film & TV (Group) Co. Ltd., Dream Sky

Origin: China

Source: Adapted from a novel of the same name by Fu Yao


Set against the backdrop of a cut-throat competition between two major multinational companies aiming to grab a lion’s share of the Chinese market, two sales experts who were once lovers make a mad dash to attaining their sales goals.

Zhou Rui (Chen Kun), a regional sales director of Jieke, receives a promotional transfer to Beijing in lieu of his brilliant achivements. He brings along his wife Huang Jing and trusted aide Fang Wei (Zhang Youhao) intending to seize the opportunity to satisfy his ambitions. However, Zhou Rui never expected that he would be driven into a corner.

Zhou Rui not only loses the sales team that he personally trained but also has to meet unattainable sales targets within a limited time. Faced with mounting pressure from his immediate boss, Zhou Rui’s only hope is to land a huge order from the bank. Alas, he faces his toughest challenge yet as their competing firm, Huikang, has been preparing to score the deal as early as a year ago. To make matters worse, their sales director Luo Jia (Xin Zhilei) was his first love.

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