Song of Youth (Bai Lu and Wang Yizhe) 2021 Chinese drama review

Song of Youth (Bai Lu and Wang Yizhe) 2021 Chinese drama review

Watching one Chinese drama is never enough and you will never get satisfied even if you watched 100 dramas. This time we will analyze Wang Yizhe and Bai Lu’s recent drama “Song of Youth”. I know that it has been nearly a month and few days since the last episode but a review is compulsory because not all Cdrama fans have watched the drama.

This review will be different from the usual reviews, we will look at First Impressions, The good, The bad, conclusions and Ratings. This review is available both on our blog and YouTube channel to cater for both video lovers and readers but some of the names will pronounced in a different tone so please bear with us.

First Impressions.

I just want to start this review with 100% truth and the truth is, I fell asleep watching the first episode of Song of Youth. First episode was so boring to me, I tried watching it three times in a row but I fell asleep watching it. I wanted to drop it but then, I’m a fan of Bai Lu so dropping one of her dramas while you’re still on the first episode, kinda makes me a hater. I also pushed myself to watch the drama because of some netizens saying Bai Lu’s original voice wasn’t fitting, we made an article about it, you can read it on our blog. Fast forward, I managed to watch first episode which was boring but the current plot of Shao Chuan trying to clear her father’s name, got me glued on the drama. As I kept on with the drama, things started to get interesting between Shao Chuan(Bai Lu) and Yu Long (Wang Yizhe), a little romance story was well scripted. I originally thought the drama will revolve around the whole “Clearing Father’s name” plot but it seemed like the writers had more ideas to impress us.

The Good.

1. Great Casting.

The cast was so amazing, everyone played their role in the drama perfectly. If I could choose my favorite character in the drama, I’d definitely take The third master of the Sun family. He literally made me look forward to the next episode and I would be a little disappointed if he wasn’t in a certain episode.

2. Fantastic storytelling and build up.

I love the fact that the drama didn’t stay on one storyline, which is what makes most dramas very boring. This drama smoothly switched storylines without confusing the viewer. If they focus on marriage, they don’t add unnecessary plots.

3. No dragging.

One thing I hate on a drama is watching one plot going on and on in 5+ episodes. This drama never dragged and that’s because they had a lot to tell. It’s the disapproval of Shao Chuan and Yu Long’s relationship, then the marriage with the emperor, then the Tao Yao saga and the list goes on. How will you drag while you have amazing stories to tell?

4. Bai Lu’s voice.

Let’s agree to disagree on this one. There’s really no problem with Bai Lu’s voice in the drama. I think netizens criticized her because it was the first time hearing Bai Lu’s real voice on a historical drama. I hope they can allow her to continue using her real voice in future historical dramas.

5. Great Ending.

The last 10 episodes of song of youth were memorable. If it was possible, I would give the writers awards for the incredible job. The ending had a great twist, which also connected to the first episode, this was like building a house!

The Bad.

1. The Emperor.

I have my own expectations when it comes to Emperors and they have to obtain certain characteristics to sell the character to me. Although the Emperor in the drama is quite a good actor, I believe they would have done a better job if they chose a more intimidating Emperor.

2. Costumes.

It seemed as if the crew didn’t want to spend a lot of money on costumes. Most of the cast had to wear same costumes in a number of episodes,(official costumes excluded). Bai Lu wore the same costume in 6-7 episodes before she got married. Speaking of Bai Lu, have you realized that the costume she wore in the first episodes made her look as if she was pregnant? I totally thought she got pregnant before the wedding.


There’s a lot to mention regarding this drama but let’s keep it brief. I enjoyed the drama, it had the comedy, Romance, suspense, happy times and tragic moments. I highly recommend this drama to everyone, not because I’m a fan of Bai Lu but because of its good content.



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