Drama Review: Couple of Mirrors (Zhang Nan & Annie Sun) 221 Chinese Drama

Couple of Mirrors (2021)

Couple of Mirrors has always been on my watch list because I found the synopsis very mysterious and I’m attracted to anything mysterious. Today I want us to have a look on Couple of Mirrors and find out if it is worthy to watch or not. Please note that anything I say in this post is just my own personal opinion and doesn’t mean to affect your original perception on the drama.

First Impressions.

The drama left a bad first impression on me with the first two episodes. It’s storyline was a bit messy, they take you back to the past and while you are catching up with the storyline they take you back to the present. I would have dropped the drama if it wasn’t for Yan Wei’s mysterious actions. Although the storyline was a bit confusing, most of the plots were predictable in the first episode. I noticed familiar faces like Zhang Nan and Vincent He from Court Lady, Chang Long and Zhang Zheng Yang from Song of Youth. Not to forget Rong Rong who appeared both on Song of Youth and Cute Programmer.

The Good.

I won’t lie and try to tell you what you want to hear about the drama, I’ll be honest.


This drama had great cast, they were able to travel in the republican era and tap into the characters they had to portray, it reminded me of Arsenal Military Academy. Yan Wei and Detective Jian are the characters that actually made the whole drama enjoyable.

2. Extras.

How can a drama sell us a story without Extras? The drama had many extras who sold the idea of being in the republican era.

3. Music.

When it comes to music, I have no complaints because the music matches the original theme of the drama.

4. Great Chemistry.

When I watched the drama, I never expected it to be a ‘Censored Adaptation Of Same-sex Original Work’ (Girl Love) drama. The combination of Yan Wei, who is a badass and You Yi, who is playful, is fantastic and you can feel their dedication to each other. Unfortunately they didn’t focus more on the chemistry because of Chinese censorship but the chemistry is well portrayed.

5. Great Action.

Nothing  makes a drama more interesting better than a badass female toying with a group of men. I loved the way they made Yan Wei a tough nut to crack and not to forget the way they staged the murder plots.

The Bad.

1. storyline.

Like I said in the beginning, this drama’s storyline was off and I failed to connect to it. I also have some complaints about Yan Wei’s background, they kept avoiding this matter and left us with a cliff hanger.

2. Duration.

12 episodes might be great if you want a short drama but this one had a storyline that requires 24 episodes, maybe that’s why the drama was confusing sometimes because they wanted to fit the entire storyline in 12 episodes.


I may have had troubles with the drama in the beginning but I enjoyed watching it from the 3rd episode. This drama may be short but it is worth the time, I’d recommend it. Regarding the ending, I hope they can shoot season 2 of Couple of Mirrors because there is a lot of unanswered questions that they have to provide, let’s hope it doesn’t become another Princess Agents.


6.5/10 I would rate it 7/10 but the ending wasn’t good and they didn’t give us the answers we needed.

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