Why Love and Redemption is compared to Ashes of Love and Eternal Love

Dramas with a storyline similar to Love and redemption.

Love and redemption

Did you notice that Ashes of Love, Eternal love ten miles to peach blossoms, together with Love and redemption are nearly the same? 

In short summary, ashes of love is about the daughter of the flower goddess Ji Mi, who was giving a pill that made her not feel love. When Xu Feng, the fire immortal met Ji Mi he fell in love with her and he tried all his best to make Ji mi fall in love with him. Xu Feng was always there to protect Ji Mi, who didn’t even know what love is. Since Ji Mi wasn’t able to differentiate between being loved and being liked, she was friendly every man who is kind to her including the night immortal. The night immortal misunderstood Ji Mi and he thought Ji Mi loved him but, it was all in his thoughts because Ji Mi didn’t understand love. Things got more heated when Ji Mi and Xu Feng went to the mortal realm. The pill in Ji Mi’s heart cracked and she finally understood love and how much she loved Xu Feng. The love of Xu feng and Ji Mi was deep even the pill couldn’t block it, they fought for their happy ending. 

Ashes of love


The story of Ji Mi is like the story of Chuanxi, the god of war who lost her 6 senses. She didn’t know the difference between being loved and being liked, she also didn’t know the difference between men and women. When she first met Su Feng she didn’t keep her distance but kept of getting more closer to him. She always appreciated people who were kind to her and she would trust their words, but what was surprising is how quickly she trusted Su Feng. After Su Feng saved her, Chuanxi started following him around and she would keep everything that Su feng said in mind. You can tell that two of them were indeed destined to be a couple. When Chuanxi got the first piece of the mirror of origin and her power started to show up, she could only unleash it when she’s angry and as we saw, she first unleashed her powers when Su Feng and the others were in danger but, the god of war was calling out for Su Feng, which showed that he had a place in her heart. Chuanxi was then manipulated by the heavenly king baidi, who was one of the people that were trusted by Chuanxi. Baidi tried to break Chuanxi and Su Feng’s relationship but the more he tried was the more she got closer to him even though she didn’t have the ability to love. 

Both Ji Mi and Chuanxi grew up living a carefree lifestyle, with no abilities to love. They all were manipulated by others to hurt their loved ones and went through hardships trying to fix the damage they have done as soon as they regained their abilities to love.

Eternal love

Now with eternal love a.k.a ten miles to peach blossom, it’s similar to love and redemption in the case of loving the same person in different lifetimes. In eternal love, Qian Qian was taking care of a lotus that was in a pond. The lotus had Ye Hua’s spirit and whenever Qian Qian was sad, Ye Hua’s spirit would appear to console her even though she wasn’t able to hear or see him. Years later Ye Hua was a grown man and the heavenly king arranged an engagement between Ye Hua and Qian Qian while the two never met each other. Qian Qian was thrown to the mortal world, she lost her memory and she met Ye Hua who was investigating matters of the Ghost king. Ye Hua fell in love with Qian Qian and they had a baby, Qian Qian fell into a void and lost her memory. Years later Qian Qian meets Ye Hua and their son, but she doesn’t remember them, Ye Hua makes Qian Qian fall in love with him again. This is the nearly the same as love and redemption because in love and redemption, Su Feng was protecting God of war from the heavens and even in the mortal realm for nine lifetimes.  Su Feng always loved the god of war in all lifetimes and he was working hard to make god of war love him, he even sacrificed himself for her.

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  1. The three dramas also have a lot in common with Star Wars, in that Health and Safety precautions are not applied, whether it be a narrow gantry over a deadly generator access vent or a magical whirlpool that can cause serious memory and relational harm! Where are the orange safety flags and no access signs?

  2. The three dramas are all the same in that uninteresting, normal people die and remain dead for the rest of the drama, while lead characters have 'mostly dead' experiences (see Princess Bride).

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